ERP Features Community Builder

Set of Apps to Build Your Community - An Open Source Alternative to stack overflow

Community Builder offers you various ways how to build, strengthen and engage your community. It consists of a help forum, blogging platform, and mailing list subscriptions - all these awesome features are available in this single app. No need to install any additional programs or to make a complicated change in your software - everything you need is integrated into ERP's user-friendly, simple and professional app.

Help Forum

Create your own Help Forum that can be integrated directly into your website. This Q&A platform allows your customers and the whole community to ask questions about any area of interest. They can ask for tips on how to use your services or for examples from other users. You, as well as anyone else from the community, can reply and/or start a further discussion on specific topics. Contributors can also get karma: depending on the number of answers, comments, or any other activity, the karma can increase and give them more access to the moderation of the forum. Having a structured Q&A help forum on your website is an easy way to provide fast, professional, and accurate information to your visitors.

Create a Great Company Number

ERP's "mailing lists" feature also allows you to create public mailing lists for your newsletters or for any kind of community mailing. It's a great way how to announce a big change in the company, and release a new product or other important news to your wide audience and followers. Easily create a newsletter mailing list by adding a template form on the website, where your visitors can subscribe by simply adding their email address, which will be automatically added to your database.

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