ERP Features Lead Optimization

Lead Automation

ERP's module "Lead Automation" provides you with lead automation through marketing campaigns that are fully adaptable and customizable. The campaigns are dynamic and multi-channel, allowing you to follow your marketing strategy in a way that fits your needs.

Marketing Campaign Management Software

This powerful app will help you to drive the marketing performance up and to optimize campaigns from lead to close. You can define segments and lead your campaign activities by specific area. Then you can analyze the results to verify the performance of campaigns and their commercial impact.

Create Your Own Email Marketing Campaign

Design marketing campaigns like workflows, including email templates to send, reports to print and send by email, custom actions, and other examples. Run your campaign in simulation mode to test it in real-time or accelerated, and fine-tune it for the best results. You may also start the real campaign in manual mode, where each action requires manual validation.

Campaign Statistics

Launch your campaign live and watch the statistics as the campaign does everything fully automatically. A marketing campaign management system offers you to track statistics for each of your campaigns and have a full overview of your marketing activities.

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