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Internal Controls and System Review

Control Structure - Environment, Systems and Procedures

  • Control Environment: general framework within which specific control policies and procedures operate

  • Accounting System: records and procedures used to record, process and report transactions

  • Control Procedures: specific steps carried out to minimize risk of particular control threats

  • Verify the correctness, accuracy and authenticity of the financial accounting and statistical records presented to the management.

  • Confirm that the liabilities have been incurred by the organization in respect of its valid and legitimate activities.

  • Comment on the effectiveness of the internal control system and the internal check system in force and to suggest ways and means to improve these systems.

  • Facilitate the early detection and prevention of frauds.

  • Examine the protection afforded to company's assets and use of them for business purpose.

  • Identify the authorities responsible for purchasing assets and other items as well as disposal of assets.

  • Ensure that the standard accounting practices which have to be followed by the organization are strictly followed.

  • Undertake special investigation for the management.

  • Assist management in achieving the most efficient administration of the operation by establishing procedures by complying with company's operating policies.

  • Check the efficiency of staffs which helps to increase the efficiency of them.

  • Check the books of accounts, detect errors and frauds and help in its correction which makes the act of final auditor easier.

  • Increase the morale of honest staff because evaluation of performance of any staffs will be made at any time.

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