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Accounts Compilation Services

Accounting A range of services designed to provide timely preparation of company accounts,

whether it be at the financial year-end or on a monthly basis. Services include but are not limited to general ledger and financial statement preparation, accounting system design and implementation, cash management & forecasting, and depreciation & asset tracking.

Compilations compile the books and records of a client without the performance of any substantive procedures, independent verification or confirmations, or expression of opinion.

Preparing financial statements of private entities based on information provided by the entity’s management.

Through compilation services, we prepare monthly, quarterly, or annual financial statements. However, we offer no assurance as to whether material, or significant, changes are necessary for the statements to be in conformity with standards. During a compilation, the data is arranged into conventional financial statement form. No probing is conducted beneath the surface unless we become aware that the data provided is in error or is incomplete, probing in such case is also limited up-to tracking of error.

Before agreeing to perform a compilation, we take a "common sense" look at the entity to decide whether the client needs other accounting services, such as help in adjusting the accounting records.

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