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 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Calendar and Task Management

Use the Pandora CRM calendar to create, assign, and manage tasks and events associated with opportunities, customers, cases, or other records. Set calendar visibility between employees and managers, and configure event alerts, from in-window pop-ups to emails.


Pull data together from any field of any record in CRM using reports. Segment the data using conditional filters, and perform basic calculations directly within CRM, or export the data via CSV or XLS for further analysis.

Document and File Management

Store and organize files using CRM's document management system. Associate files with opportunities, projects, or other records, and disseminate files directly through emails or from within CRM.

Teams & Access Control

Control the organizational hierarchy and team structures. Use it to enable managers to see employees' calendars, and to determine who can access various CRM areas and see, edit, and delete records.

Inventory Management

Organize and keep track of your product volumes and services, use price books to set different pricing rules for different customer groups, use purchase orders to place orders for products from associated vendors, and send and track e-payment and other payment requests for goods and services.

Comprehensive contact views

Empower your sales teams with tools that teach them more about your customers, make them more efficient salespeople, and help them build lasting customer relationships from anywhere in the world.

Every record in CRM is easy to search for and modify, and is structured like a portfolio, so that any associated information is also easy to find. Whether you're looking at leads, customers, organizations, or opportunities, see all of the related notes, email communications, campaign engagement histories, documents and beyond in an easy to read and modify view.

Automate repetitive tasks

Save time by automating even complex repetitive tasks. Whether it's sending an email, creating a record or appointment, or updating a field, if there's a set of standard conditions that can trigger for the task, then CRM's powerful workflows engine can automate it.

Comprehensive lead views

Whether it's managing marketing program ROI at a high level, or nurturing specific lead segments with targeted email campaigns, let CRM help you segment, communicate with, and record campaign performance and engagement down to who opened what email, so that you have the information you need to make better decisions.

Keep leads separate from sales-ready contacts, building profiles, interaction data, and launching targeted nurture campaigns. When they're ready to interact with sales, hand them off and automatically create an opportunity in a single click, while keeping those that still need education in your lead nurture cycle.

Campaign tracking

Use CRM to build campaign portfolios, tracking campaign information, setting budgets, attaching documents, and associating leads to see a comprehensive view of all of your campaigns, associated leads or contacts, and performance at any time.

Bulk email campaigns

Building targeted campaigns is as easy as building a list from your leads and contacts, designing a template, and then scheduling it to run. Individual campaign engagement data is stored with each contact for sales to leverage in discussions, while aggregate analytics are available to close the loop and build higher performing campaigns.

Automatic lead capture

Where your leads come tells a lot about who they are. Design and embed forms on your web properties that automatically capture lead information in CRM, and use the workflows engine to enroll them in drip email campaigns, create records, or to assign them to team members for follow-up.

Reporting as deep as your data

Build and export reports that organize and filter on virtually any data in CRM. Use it to close the loop on marketing and sales activities, improving the productivity of your business.

Support case management

Great customer service means staying on top of customer requests in various stages, across a number of channels. Provide a great customer experience by using CRM tools to aggregate and track all your requests, access and update them from anywhere, and to professionalize the face of your customer service organization.

Whether you handle customer service or support cases via email, over the phone, or directly through CRM, CRM's ticket management system gives you a single place to collaborate and keep track of the issues that matter most to your customers. Additional features allow you to automatically create tickets from emails, and to notify your team and update records as changes occur.

Self-service customer portals

Impress your customers with a professional, tailored self-service portal where they can see recent deals and documents, communicate, and submit requests for support, enabling a more personal relationship that fosters customer loyalty.

Manage items and contracts sold

Track customer purchase histories down to uniquely identifiable items and services. Use that information in targeted up-sale or cross-sale activities, or for tracking support or warranty requests.

Project management

Ensure that account owners have visibility into customer projects by using CRM to build and track projects and details including budgets, milestones, tasks, and resource assignments. CRM’s document management systems and workflows also integrate seamlessly to allow for automatic notices and the attachment of files to project tasks.

FAQ creation

Eliminate repeat customer questions and empower your team to provide better, faster service by building acknowledge base that customers can access through the customer portal, or your team can access directly in CRM.

Performance reporting

Identify trends and drivers in your support organization, building reports that show tickets by their state, priority, and much more. Close the loop on your entire business's operations by using support reports to improve your support organization's performance, or your business's product and service performance.

Integrations and Extensions

Integrate with Outlook, Gmail, Google Contacts and Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Quickbooks, phone call systems, and much more. Use the integrations to place, receive, and log phone calls, send invoices to accounting, make and receive payments, and more.

CRM Mobile App: Engage with your customers from wherever business takes you

View, edit, or create most CRM records, Access records offline, Automatically log mobile calls in contact records (Android), Set up mobile alerts and tasks, Import leads and contacts from photographed business cards, And more.








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